Posted by frances.clapp on Mon 17th Apr, 2017
Ref: 3/17/0350/FUL
Update 15 January 2018 - planning permission was granted subject to conditions for Demolition of the Bricklayers Arms public house. Erection of a two and a half storey residential apartment building for 9 dwellings at 61 Hadham Road, Bishop's Stortford, CM23 2QY. Full details of the decision notice can be found on the East Herts Planning Portal,

Update 27 September 2017 - a decision has yet to be made on this planning application.

A planning application 3/17/0350/FUL was submitted to EHDC Planning in February 2017 seeking permission to demolish the Bricklayers Arms public house on the Hadham Road and erect a two and a half storey residential apartment building for 10 dwellings.

The application site falls within the Conservation Area and is adjacent to a a busy roundabout and pedestrian crossing point. On 23 March 2017 CCA Chairman, Rob Francis, wrote to EHDC Planning as follows:-

Chantry Community Association

Planning & Building Control

Pegs Lane
Hertford SG13 8EQ

Thursday 23rdMarch 2017

Attention:Martin Plummer

Planning Application 3/17/0350/FUL

I am writing on behalf of Chantry Community Association which represents the interests of 1600 households in the Chantry area regarding the above proposal. A number of local residents have asked us to object to the above application. Residents would also be very sorry to lose another public house in the area.

Our reasons for objecting to the application are as follows:

Overdevelopment. This is a small site and there is insufficient space for the proposed development.

Design. This is a Conservation Area and the aesthetic nature of the site will be destroyed by the building of flats with this design. The proposed building as a whole is out of scale, too high and too massive. The design is formulaic, and half a storey too high. It will dwarf the terraced cottages at 67-75 Hadham Rd and is unsympathetic to Carlton House. Although the pub has been subject to some internal re-modelling over the years a number of attractive Victorian features remain, not least the windows fronting Bells Hill and the Hadham Road.

Visibility. HCC Highways has recommended refusal and we support the reasons for this. The proposals for access are dangerous to any residents of the flats and to all users of the public highway: drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Traffic & Pedestrians. It should be noted that there is no continuous pavement along the south side of the Hadham Road. The Hadham Rd/BeIls Hill junction is assessed by pedestrians as the least dangerous place to cross the Hadham Rd. It is frequently used by local residents, and pupils attending three nearby schools (St Joseph's, St Mary's and Bishop's Stortford College). Students from Bishop’s Stortford College need to pass by the public house on their way to town and back. They, and others, need to use the car park space for this as the road is dangerous and the pavements are narrow. Construction of a block of flats close to the road would severely restrict the space for pedestrians to pass.

Air quality. Air quality at this location is already poor due to the high volume of slow-moving traffic during peak periods Monday - Saturday. Traffic volumes and pollution are likely to increase as the residential developments at Patmore Close and ASRs 1 & 2 proceed. The poor air quality will provide an unhealthy environment for residents of ground-floor and first-floor flats fronting Hadham Rd or Bells Hill.

Parking. Insufficient parking has been provided for residents and their visitors. Few properties on Bells Hill have off-street parking. Any overspill parking onto the Hadham Rd will create an obstruction. Parking on Bells Hill outside of the operating hours of the Windhill Area (B3 Zone) resident parking scheme will displace existing residents.

For these reasons, we ask for this application to be refused.

Yours sincerely

RobFrancis (Chair, Chantry Community Association)

cc Cllr Gary Jones
cc Cllr Tim Page

A decision has yet to be made on the application. Details of the plans can be found at