Posted by frances.clapp on Tue 27th Oct, 2015
Provision for New Schools on ASRs

The information below has been provided by Hertfordshire County Council:-

New Schools for Bishop’s Stortford

Government legislation requires local authorities to seek proposals to establish a free school where they have identified the need for a new school in their area. Theschools are established as academies and local authorities are responsible for providing the site for the new school and meeting all associated capital and pre-/post-opening costs. More information regarding the legislation and the process that local authorities have to go through can be found here:


Hertfordshire County Council is anticipating that two new primary free schools and one new secondary free school will be required to support the large housing development in Bishops Stortford North.


It is proposed that the new secondary school will be located in the heart of the Bishop's Stortford North development. The County Council has agreed a land swap with the developers, swapping an area of land the County Council owns at Hadham Road with land in the development to facilitate this preferred location.

When a decision is made to build on any site, it goes through the full planning application process, which includes public consultation with local residents. 


On 21st April 2015, HCC’s DCC approved the town planning application for the secondary school.  A planning application for a 2 f.e. primary school (primary school 1) in the Western Neighbourhood has now been submitted, with the outcome expected before the end of the calendar year.


Once the land for the new schools is within the County Council’s ownership they will invite potential school sponsors to submit a bid based on an agreed set of application forms.  Following evaluation, the County Council will present the bids to the Department for Education, where the Regional Schools Commissioner will make the final decision on who is selected.