About your CCA

The CCA serves the North-West corner of Bishop’s Stortford in Herts, UK (approx 1500 households). Well over half of these support the Association by paying an annual membership subscription.

The annual subscription is £3 per household or £2 for the over 65’s.

The AGM is held in May, click here for more info. A newsletter is distributed two or three times a year

The objectives of the CCA are:

To represent the community interests of its members.
To put forward to the appropriate authorities the views of its members on matters concerning the general welfare of the community.
To preserve, maintain and improve the amenities of the community area.
The CCA is one of the member bodies of the B/S Civic Federation.
For more information, please email info@ChantryResidents.org.uk

What the CCA needs to be successful

There are 3 aspects to this, the committee, our team of collectors, and our membership.  We have outlined the role of each below.

The Committee:

A full committee is a chairman, vice chairman, secretary, membership secretary, treasurer and 7 further members.  The aim is to meet 4-6 times a year for about 2 hours.  With a full committee tasks can be divided up into sub-committees, members can focus on their own area of interest, and no-one need be overloaded. 

The Collectors:

The collectors deliver newsletters door to door 2 to 3 times a year.  Ideally a collector will cover their immediate area only, delivering to as few as 20 homes.  It takes very little time to deliver these newsletters.  We also ask that once a year they collect subscriptions.  This can be daunting but once started is in fact a rewarding experience.  It offers the opportunity to meet and talk to your neighbours and find out what is of concern to them, and it is always uplifting to receive the many messages of support.  Again this does not take up very much time.  The problem comes when we do not have enough collectors so areas become too large, or are simply not covered at all.  So we need a lot of collectors and we always need new volunteers to come forward to replace those who move away or feel that they have done it for long enough.

The Membership:

We have a large supportive membership in that most households in our area subscribe to our association, but this is not enough.  We need a decent number of members to come to the AGM every year and to put themselves forward as collectors or for the committee.  This is not a commitment for ever, just decide to do it for 3 years or for whatever period you are comfortable with. 

What the CCA has achieved

It is surprising how few people write to EHDC to set out their views on planning matters.  Such letters can be effective.  Equally representations made by the CCA count as representing the views of our membership.  We have supported Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) through the delivery of newsletters and donations.  We have worked with Bishop's Stortford Civic Federation (BSCF) encouraging their efforts to represent the community associations in the town as a whole, and commenting on the Local Plan. We have commented on planning issues that damage the character of our area. We have assisted members with their particular concerns, eg speeding, over grown verges.  We have helped local residents coordinate various campaigns on transport issues.  We have made representations on the proposed schools' relocation to a site of Whittington Way. 

Why the CCA is worth preserving

Just look around the town.  Look at the new build, look at how the character is changing, look at the pressure on the infrastructure.  The impact of the airport is huge, not just noise and pollution and the health threats that that brings, but the extra development, the loss of green spaces and the damage to Hatfield Forest.  The schools proposal would have had a hugely damaging effect on the town. Whilst it is not too hard to keep the CCA going, once gone it will be really hard to recreate.